always love cory monteith.
streisand worshipper, broadway baby, lea michele is perfect. always love, Cory

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can someone please help me with HTML stuff

im editing an html for a page on my blog and im inserting links but instead of the link taking you to it tries to take you to

I was able to fix this before but i forgot what i did…help??

Anonymous said:
what kind of coadmin would you need?


just a general question, would anyone be interested in co-admining an rp with me? let me know

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okay so I’m squealing right now because i got some messages overnight regarding my clothes post but I don’t want to spam my RP account with this stuff so I’m making a new account for all of this stuff! So please go follow there and send future messages there! 

Thanks so much! :) 

if you’re looking for a piece of clothing from anyone, anywhere, or anything please message this blog and they will find it for you!

people who blatantly ignore your asks acting like a celebrity like they dont have time for your petty ask like excuse you what do you think you are…other than rude 


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OK so I kind of have a thing for Dianna/Quinn’s clothes if that wasn’t already apparent. The reason I’m posting this is because with the wonderful wonderful help of the fashionofglee site I was able to locate these items and purchase them for a FRACTION of the original cost. 

All of these things totaled together would be over $2000 and over the past year and a half of buying these pieces I don’t think I paid more than $500. (I don’t even have a job, I paid for ALL of this with BABYSITTING money, so I think any of these are affordable to anyone) 

The most fun part of the whole thing was searching the world wide web so I could buy these pieces and I’ve actually become kind of obsessed with searching for these things. SO the point of this post is to ask you guys if any of you are interested in the above photographed items OR something that is NOT photographed please message me and I will find it for you! 


Also, I’m selling a few of these so if you’re interested in purchasing anything please message me as well and I will link you to my eBay account where I will be putting them on there for auction. 


can someone please explain why some guys dont prefer women to have a little extra body fat but having big spheres of fat hanging off our body is more acceptable and is actually preferred?


I’m not mad that mark is dating a 19 year old, im mad that I didn’t know he’d be into dating younger girls, otherwise I’d totes be in cali right now living next door to his aviary trying to hit that

i don’t know why everyone is flipping their lids about the mark/naya recent news…

naya knew ryan for four years so them dating (yes they have been for a few months) and then getting married ISN’T that shocking because they’ve been friends all that time

who cares how old the girl mark is dating is?? she’s 19 (well over the legal age) and the gap is 12 years not that big of a deal considering mark isn’t the type to use girls/women and really hasn’t dated anyone seriously for years so i think he’s pretty knowledgeable about what he wants and seems to take things seriously and has completely good intentions

so seriously everyone needs to shut up, stop hating, and let people live their lives because they both seem happy and who are we to judge the things that can make them happy?? because neither of the above mentioned things are a.) abnormal and b.) any of our business


when people change the sexual orientation of the characters in your otp to form your notp


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